Customized Specialty Programming

With unique requirements comes the need for specialized scale systems.

Sanstrom Scale Company has the resources and experience to develop cutting edge systems and components specific to your needs.

Possibilities for custom programming include:
  • Inventory control
  • Truck In/Out
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Batching
  • Check Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Bar Code Labeling
  • Cattle Management
  • Filling
  • Bagging
One of our most popular programs is the “Transaction Tracking� program. This program enables facilities the ability to manage transactions without a staffed scale house. With a user-friendly number system, data is easily stored and available for download to the owner’s/manager’s computer or handheld device.

The choice of data to be stored and retrieved is completely customized for each particular need. Examples include:
  • Truck Number
  • Time/Date
  • Gross
  • Tare
  • Net
  • Vendor
  • Commodity
  • Number of bales
  • Average bale weight
Custom programming is easy to use and a cost effective way to save you time.

Contact us today for a FREE quote or for more information on how we can customize a program for your specialized needs.

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