Showing how the module comes from the factory with the 5/8" rebar welded into the pan.

Shows the 105' scale installed and the deck poured. Installed in Washington state.

Shows how easily the scale is to install.

All scales are delivered with a factory truck, keeping the delivery under control.

Showing an 80' above ground fully electronic truck scale, 200,000 lb. capacity with a 70,000 CLC (center load capacity), Installed in Central California.

Shows 50K load cell and suspension.

Showing water tight "J" box installation; wiring is in conduit for protection against rodents.

80' x 11', w/safety side rails & washout slab, NM

80' x12' w/rails, Colorado

80' x 10' w/washout slab, Colorado

105' x 10', no rails, Idaho
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